Circa 140-200 AD Pescennius Niger Roman Ancient Bust ,美国代购,买对网

Circa 140-200 AD Pescennius Niger Roman Ancient Bust

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Here I have for sale :  
Roman Ancient huge bust 200-400 AD 

Extremely rare and ancient!  

Height : 6 inches 
Weight : 954 gram  
Width of shoulder : 4 inches 
Width of the head : 2 inches 

Please look at the pictures and feel free to ask me any question !  

I accept return for any item if you don't like or if you don't feel comfortable about it , But please within 14 days of receiving the item .  

Please leave me a feedback once you receive the item , Thanks in advance dear customer !  

Please take look at my other items for sale and absolutely I would combine shipping if you purchase more than one item .  

All of my items will be shipped within 24 hours of receiving a clear payment through PayPal, and all will be shipped from USA with a priority mail .  

Thanks For your business  
Have a wonderful day !